Who we are

Who we are

We are a professional couple with more than 25 years of experience in everything to do with gardening.
What do we offer?

Lawn Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your garden is a major job. Sometimes the work is heavy or specialized.
Your house increases in value if your garden is well maintained. A beautiful garden makes your home more attractive to visitors.
Whether you live permanently in France or if you rent your home, you want them to enjoy your garden. You also want to be sure that the maintenance is properly done, in the short term, but also over the years.

• Mowing grass
• Pruning hedges and (fruit) trees

• Planting and maintenance of borders and hedges
• Planting trees and shrubs

• Seeding lawns
• Weeding
• Felling trees
• Other work upon request



Additional services

Additional services

You have a house in France.
In the beautiful Dordogne near Port Sainte Foy?

What we can do for you:

• Care for your home while you are away.
• Receive and check on guests if you let the house.
• Monitor and/or clean
• Overall garden and pool maintenance
• Small jobs, repairs and renovations
• Check the house after storms, heavy rain or frost.

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We'd love to chat about your project! We will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your project in detail and provide you with a free quote.

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